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The members of the Club were among the very fortunate segment of the society to get the opportunity to study in a well-reputed publicly-funded institution like BUET in almost no tuition fee. Therefore, it is a moral obligation of the members to give back to the society. In this regard, the Club will undertake projects to help the community in different forms & manners. BUET89 Club will undertake projects to help the Bangladeshi society. The projects may be of different areas including, but not limited to,
(a)    develop human resources
(b)    provide financial assistance to the people in need
(c)     organize/sponsor various technology events
(d)    support various charitable organizations for specific projects
(e)    organize Blood Donation Program
(f)      help in the event of national emergency resulting from natural calamities.



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House #40, Road #7B, Block H, Banani,
Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
Cell: +8801819-283889 [+8801819-BUET89]
Whatsapp:  +8801819-283889 [+8801819-BUET89]
Viber:  +8801819-283889 [+8801819-BUET89]